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Employee Legal Protection Retainer

Employee Legal Protection Retainer-ship is a unique concept that enables the employees to protect their legal rights at workplace

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To start your journey as a successful entreprenuer you always need guidance & support of the experts.

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Proprietorship Registration

Easily incorporate a Proprietorship company with various registrations.

Starting Just Rs.2799

GST Registration

Assisted GST registration for your business with LEDGERS GST software.

Starting Just Rs.399

GST Return Filing (1 Year)

1 year GST return filing (GSTR 3B & 1) along with LEDGERS GST Software.

Starting Just Rs.799

Trademark Registration

Easily incorporate a Trademark Registration with various registrations.

Starting Just Rs.5999

MSME Registration

Easily incorporate a MSME Registration with various registrations.

Starting Just Rs.799

Private Limited Company

Easily incorporate a private limited company with various registrations.

Starting Just Rs.8799

We believe in Our Prime Minister’s vision and therefore offer you the Pro BonoServices, we are proud to be a part of this mission


Startup India

We provide you free GST Registration & GST Return Filing (1 Month) under the Start-up India mission pro bono services. Chartered Accountant assisted throughout your business cycle.


Make In India

We provide Founders free legal support required for raising funds from investors we advice them the legal aspect and consequence of the deal help them draft the agreements and include clauses carefully to avoid any future disputes and loss to the businesses.


Digital India

We are aware of the significance of the Digital India initiative, and how the lack of awareness about the laws relating to Internet affect your business, therefore we help you protect your business from data theft, cyber crimes, domain disputes, Intellectual Property and many other laws under the IT Act, 2000.


Stand up India

We provide free assistance to Women Entrepreneurs during the loaning process from the bank provided under this scheme to empower women across nation.

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Technology & AI

We understand the significant of technology and artificial intelligence, with the help of the technology we’ve been able to achieve transparency and update our client’s and partners about the process & progress of the services.

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